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I am a cat who believes kittys should have their own astrologers have always been interested in astrology have a Interesting chart I have been lucky but I think it was more than luck. I am a Libra I can be very charming and get what I want .

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Bubba passed away on December 18th 2008. He had a good life. He has passed the website to Bandit and friends. Bandit is leaving the website to his mom Astrolyn. Bandit would rather be Mister Mom to his foster kittens. Even though the kittens are from the same litter, they have different purr-sonalities. Kittens are born at different times. They can have different ascendents and they will have different midheavens. I have three foster kittens and they all behave differently.

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My name is Newman. I like to eat and sleep. Bubba likes me toooo much.When I stayed at his house he would not leave me alone for one minute. The dog is less trouble.Bubba has a reputation in the Neighborhood as a Kittyizer. He terrorizes the male cats and chases the females, not even humans can stop him. Even at his age,he does not slow down. I will never stay at his house again. I live with a dog, a rabbit and a hamster.
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My name is Bubba, the tabby cat. While my person was sleeping, I got on the computer and made my own web page. My person doesn't let me out because I get in trouble. I like to sneak in other neighbors houses and crawl under their beds. We can share ideas on the care and training of our people. One night ,when my person let me out I tried to show my appreciation by bringing her a live rat.
I walked right into the house and dropped it at her feet. It was still alive so she could chase it and kill it herself, but did she thank me? Nooo She took it outside and never let me out again. I share my home with Bandit. I raised him myself. He was a little kitten when mom found him in a parking lot. He will be 2 in April. He is an Aries. My mother is a foster mom for kittens from the spca. I am sixteen years old I was born in Bradenton Florida on October 4, 1992, I am a Libra. My astrology chart I lived with my first person for two years, but she couldn't keep me because I harassed the other cats in the house I ended up at the Pinellas County Animal Services, where I charmed everybody's heart, they just loved me. How could they resist. One bright and sunny day a lady came into the Pinellas County Animal Services. She saw my big green eyes and couldn't resist and adopted me. I was 2 yrs old at the time. She was going to change my name, but she decided against it because I am very affectionate and the name means old or dear friend in the old south. She took me home and I have been living in luxury ever since. I think I have it pretty good, but you have to show your person who's the boss.

You can visit my astrology page, that I did. It applies to humans and any pet. An astrology chart can be cast for compatibility between anyone with a birthday. Cats can read. When my person is reading a book, I jump on her and sprawl on the book.
Cats learn to read by osmosis, that's how I learned astrology. I have some favorite links I buy my astrology books at half.com

This is my Blog about Astrology for cats and humans: Astrologycat Blog or go to my blog on my experience with Foster Kittens

This site was done by my Person. It has a wealth of information on Sun Signs, Planets, Houses and Lunar phases.

~Start here to learn about the signs

Astrolyn.... Where you can learn astrology

Free Astrology Chart

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